Aquacel Foam Pro ADH Sacral (9.4 in. x 8.4 in.)

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he Aquacel Foam Pro is a multi-layered foam dressing meant specifically to protect, defend and nurture damaged skin.


  • It has a protective top layer, which is a smooth breathable film that helps minimize friction, e.g. between bed linens and the wound.
  • Beneath the top layer, it has a foam dressing layer providing a layer of protection that wick excess exudate.
  • Next, there is a binding layer that connects the foam layer to the underlying Hydrofiber layer.
  • The Hydrofiber layer uses Convatec’s Hydrofiber technology that forms a gel-like surface over the wound, creating an optimally moist wound healing environment.
  • Finally, it has a gentle silicone adhesive layer that allows for easily, often painless, application and removal. The adhesive is specifically designed so that it does not stick to itself.


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